Survey:  7 in 10 Older Americans Say Don’t Mess with Wireless Lifeline Benefits


  • AGE Study: FCC’s High-cost Fund: KACO member AGE released a study that details the waste being created by the Universal Service Fund’s High-cost fund. Read the news release: AGE Study on USF Waste. Review the Hazlett-Wallsten study and its appendices. AGE also created a See our YouTube video available here: For more information on AGE, visit
  • Subsidized Cell Phones Provide Significant Economic Gains for Poor and Near-Poor Americans, February 2011. Read the news release here. Read the report here.
  • Cell Phones Provide Significant Economic Gains for Low-Income American Households: A Review of Literature and Data from Two New Surveys, April 2008. Read the news release here. Read the report here.

Letters in Support of Wireless Lifeline

On Thursday, April 25th the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology is holding a hearing that will examine wireless Lifeline, “The Lifeline Fund: Money Well Spent?”. Several groups have submitted letters in support of wireless Lifeline for the Subcommittee’s consideration prior to the hearing.

Undersigned Groups Letter 1
Undersigned Groups Letter 2
The National Grange
Press Release on letters/support

Fact Sheets

National Consumer League: Weeding through the chatter about the ‘Obamaphone’
Wireless Lifeline: Just the Facts (PDF)
Lifeline Key Facts (PDF)
Lifeline Myths and Facts (PDF)

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