Survey:  7 in 10 Older Americans Say Don’t Mess with Wireless Lifeline Benefits

AGE Study: FCC’s High-cost Fund

KACO member AGE released a study that details the waste being created by the Universal Service Fund’s High-cost fund. Read the news release: AGE Study on USF Waste. Review the Hazlett-Wallsten study and its appendices. AGE also created a See our YouTube video available here: For more information on AGE, visit

Letters in Support of Wireless Lifeline

On Thursday, April 25th the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology is holding a hearing that will examine wireless Lifeline, “The Lifeline Fund: Money Well Spent?”. Several groups have submitted letters in support of wireless Lifeline for the Subcommittee’s consideration prior to the hearing.

Undersigned Groups Letter 1
Undersigned Groups Letter 2
The National Grange
Press Release on letters/support

Fact Sheets

National Consumer League: Weeding through the chatter about the ‘Obamaphone’
Wireless Lifeline: Just the Facts (PDF)
Lifeline Key Facts (PDF)
Lifeline Myths and Facts (PDF)

Useful Links

FCC Commissioner

Tom Wheeler, Chairman
Mignon Clyburn
Ajit Pai
Jessica Rosenworcel
Michael O’Rielly